Our machinery

We dedicate special attention to the construction of our systems.


We only use components made by world-class manufacturers: a guarantee of high quality and constant reliability over time.

The dimensions of the containers and the positioning of their components are carefully studied to facilitate future ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.


Partial list of components used:


1) GE Jenbacher (Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Series 6) Cogenerators
2) Stamford and AvK Alternators exclusively
3) ABB Turbochargers
4) Siemens PLC and CNC
5) Schneider Electric, Vega, Sick, Wika, Yokogawa Sensors
6) ABB low and medium voltage Switchgear

In terms of technical assistance on cogenerators, not only is our personnel equipped with both the technology and know-how necessary to operate on a mechanical and electronic level, but it is qualified for the entire GE Jenbacher product line.

Mod. 208

Mod. 312

Mod. 316

Mod. 320

Mod. 412

Mod. 416

Mod. 420

Mod. 612

Mod. 616

Mod. 620

Mod. 624

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