Hereinafter, you may find some of the references related to our projects in the co-generation sector by using JENBACHER engines.



Engine powerEngine
Type of installation
Cogneration plant “Publiambiente”Ponte a Cappiano Fucecchio (FI)7200kW616 (2 units) + 320 (2 units)Plant room
Farm company “Pascotto Rina”Teglio Veneto (VE)
999kW320Outside Container Unit
Acegas Aps Amga (Hera Group)Tavagnacco (UD)999kW320Plant room
Farm company “Aptenia”Pincara (RO)999kW416Outside Container Unit
Montebelluna HospitalMontebelluna (TV)
1670kW316 (2 units)Plant room
Matera HospitalMatera1064kW320Plant room
Spilimbergo BioenergySpilimbergo (PN)999kW416Outside Container Unit
T&T EnergySclaunicco (UD)999kW320Outside Container Unit
Geam LLCMortesins (GO)999kW320Outside Container Unit
GenAgri LLCMolinella (BO)999kW320Outside Container Unit
Cinigiano Agripower PlusBorgo Santa Rita (GR)999kW320Plant room
MethanestAviano (PN)999kW320Outside Container Unit
BM EnergiaAviano (PN)999kW320Outside Container Unit
Mezzanato AntonioPorto Viro (RO)999kW320Plant room
Farm company “Sant’Anna”Cinto Caomaggiore (VE)835kW316Outside Container Unit
Farm company Agro_21Mereto di Tomba (UD)625kW312
Outside Container Unit
Spagnolo AgroenergiaSpilimbergo (PN)526kW312
Plant room
Farm company “Varaschin”Zoppola (PN)526kW312
Outside Container Unit
Farm company “Bertuzzi Flavio”Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)249kW208Outside Container Unit
Farm company “Gallo Claudio”San Giorgio della Richinvelda (PN)249kW208Outside Container Unit

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